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Only vs. Just in English

Kathy Guachamin Kathy Guachamin (0) on 09/06/15

The difference between ONLY and JUST ?



In many situations, they can be used interchangeably.

Here are some examples of when they change the meaning, though.

  1. Just meaning a short time ago:
    1. I just ran 10 km!
    2. You only ran 1km...
  2. Just adding extra emphasis:
    1. Just look at this mess!
    2. Only look at this mess! (2nd one means not to look at anything else.)
  3. Just used as exactly:
    1. This is just what I wanted for my birthday (it what I hoped for.)!
    2. This is only what I wanted! (Not very natural, but sounds like the person didn't want anything else.)

    Also, check out this page for some more examples and practice.

    Hope that helps!



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