Egyptian popular phrasal verbs

Is there English equivalents for:

1-sb or people who really take advantage if sth they like happens .someone comments on it saying.......(in Arabic) for e.g.when students in the class start talking if the teacher got out of the class ,that's when they take advantage of this & do sth they weren't allowed to do before so we say they.......that the teacher gets out to talk", does anyone here get me?plz

2-sb who wasn't really concentrating ; blind over sth that he shouldn't have been blind at

For e.g "why didn't u wave to me today in the library?" - "I'm sorry I didn't ...........";which means she didn't.......because either her mind was roaming elsewhere or she didn't know she had to wave.

3- literally meaning "I don't yean that girl" like: I can't stand her , can't stand sitting with her.what's the English equivalent?

4-literally meaning "u locked me up from .........(a particular thing)"for.e.g I was wishing to take physics next year but a girl who took it kept cursing it that she made me think again or not so willing to take it as though closed my hope , what is the English form of this?

Plz anyone answer

Thanks in advance


it's called "blind to"and that's actually the word for it , other things , sorry I couldn't get them or find equivalents



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