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How do you say...? you translate this

Greg Daniele Greg Daniele (0) on 22/05/15

do you do dothraki translations



Try inviting David J. Peterson (who created the language) to this site?

His website is:



Asmaa Eldalil Asmaa Eldalil (0) on 01/11/15

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I agree with Wouter Thielen :D But for what it's worth, since "dothrAKI" is a form of a fictional language spoken by the Dothraki people. So, if we put it in a sentence such as:- I speak Dothraki language. in Arabic (Fus7a) Classic Arabic. 'ana 'atakallam lughat Dothraki. The same word no changes دوثراكي Good Luck! :D :D

Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 02/04/17

Funny, I actually had Dothraki on Fluentli for a bit (at the approval of David Peterson), but ended up taking it down since some people were confused about what the language was. 😒 

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