Devoicing the letter D in UK accents

Andras Chonn Andras Chonn (1) on 03/02/14

I've been watching this video where the lady pronounces

"good" as /gʊt/

"words" as /wə:ts/

with a really strongly aspirated /t/ (/ts/ in the second example). Is this a common characteristic of certain UK accents? Perhaps very formal English?

I'm familiar with the letter "t" still being voiced at the end of words, but this phenomenon of pronouncing the D in such a manner sounds very cacophonous and "hyper-corrected" to my American ears. Can anyone shed a bit of light on this matter?



It is sure that we in the UK pronounce our consonants far harder than the Americans. Water (with a hard t) is an excellent example. So I would pronounce the d at the end of words harder and crisper than an American.



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