Could you tell me the meanings of the English lyrics?

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 13/06/13

1. I didn't get what Thom sang at that moment. I searched it on Google and found two possibilities. "If you come to me tonight I'll be yours for good” or "I've been ????? to me,
I'll be yours for good" Which do you think is correct?

2. What does this phrase mean?
"It was walking to the back down Harrowdown Hill"
Here's the context.

3. What does "Shake along with me!" actually mean?
"Dance with me at the same time"?
Here's the context.

4. Does Noel say "Pull me one for the road" or "Pour me one for the road"?

If "Pull me one for the road", what does it mean?
”one for the road”=別れや店を出る前に飲む一杯
Does it mean like "Stop me", "Don't let me go"?

5. Is my sentence correct?
"Nothing is wrong with your report."



1. I heard "If you come to me tonight, I'll be yours for good."

2. I listened to the song, and I think they got the lyrics wrong. It sounds like he is saying "It was me, walking to the back of Harrowdown Hill." Since it is hard to hear it, I am not 100% sure, but it makes more sense in context.

3. It can mean "Let's shake together" or "Let's shake at the same time". It could also be interpreted as "Let's dance together" or "Let's dance at the same time"

4. "Pour me one for the road." Which could just mean "pour me a drink for the road" which in this context means "Pour me a drink for my trip."
"Pull me one for the road" just doesn't make sense.

5. Yes



Alyssa Lambert Alyssa Lambert (0) on 15/06/13

I should probably mention that, my answers are just my opinion. Some of the lyrics are up for interpretation. If you have any questions, just ask!

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 20/06/13

Ms. Alyssa Lambert, thank you very much. I appreciate your answers. Oh, you kindly look up the song "Harrowdown Hill", thank you very much again for your time. That song is very mysterious, it suggests the assassination of Dr. K. Scary! By the way, your picture is very cute!

Lena Mueller Lena Mueller (0) on 20/06/13

Oh, no. *looked

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