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Cleverer/More clever


I know that some adjectives can have two comparative forms, and I'd like to ask you which of them are the most common in your region:

- cleverer or more clever;

- simpler or more simple;

- narrower or more narrow;

- shallower or more shallow;

- quieter or more quiet?

I'd say:  more clever, simpler. more narrow/shallow/quiet. 

Thank you in advance


All the "more____"   and  "_____er" variants that you give are o.k. in the English that I speak.  I would probably subconsciously usually choose the "________er"  form first.   "Cleverer" might prove less frequent than "more clever" for some people (if anyone were ever to keep count) just because of the difficulty or awkwardness in pronouncing  "-erer" at the end of the word.


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 08/03/19

Richard, thank you very much! 

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