Capture/ Snap/ Take - Similarities and Differences

Vee T Vee T (2) on 06/12/13

What are the differences among capture, snap, and take? Could they be used interchangeably?

Which word is used for photos and cameras?

Which word is used for scenes?

Is there any other alternative word for these three words?



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I feel like 'take' is the safest choice to use in most situations.

You can't really use them interchangeably. Take a look at these examples.

  1. Let's take a picture together. (Good)
  2. Let's snap a picture together. (Sounds a little strange, but it's probably OK.)
  3. Let's capture a picture together. (You'd never say this.)

'Snap' has the image of doing something quickly. So it can be good when you want to be more visual.

  1. He was snapping photos left and right. (Good, and visual.)
  2. He was taking photos left and right. (Good, but less visual.)

For scenes, a person's expression, or an overall feeling, you can use the word 'capture.'

  1. Hold on. I just really want to capture this beautiful sunset.
  2. You were able to capture grandma's kindness in this shot.

'Shoot pictures' is another word use can use. That's we say a 'photo shoot.'



Vee T Vee T (2) on 06/12/13

Thank you for your useful comment.

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