Brazilian Pronunciation of nós and não

Here's the IPA according to Wiktionary for pronouncing não:

Can someone expand on this phenomenon since I don't have much hearing exposure to Portuguese? It would be cool if someone reads a sentence say

Eu não fiz nada.

in these two pronunciations. Thanks in advance.

For nós, wiktionary gives:

I'm aware of the s|ʃ phenomenon, so no need to comment on that. However, I'm curious about the /j/ semivowel which appears to be optional.

The presence of the /j/, to my biased opinion, makes the word sound much more Brazilian (and informal) to me, so I like it, but any explanations as to how often /j/ is pronounced and to what degree?


Olá, eu não sei diferenciar essas duas formas de pronúncia da palavra "não".

Eu sempre pronuncio da mesma forma.

No caso do nós, creio que o fonema /j/ está lá para que demos mais entonação ao 's' no final da palavra.



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