"Back in 5 Minutes" sign

Owen Wade Owen Wade (0) on 27/09/13

How can I write a small sign that says "Back in 5 minutes" or "Back in a few minutes" that I can put on my office door?



that depends if it should be a polite sentence or not.

If you say it to your family, 五分で戻る、五分で戻りますwould be good.

If you say it politely, like you are a shopkeeper and have to leave your shop few minutes, the expression should be kind of;所用につき少しの間空けさせていただきます。ご迷惑をおかけします。



Owen Wade Owen Wade (0) on 14/10/13

Thank you. It's for my shop door, so I'd like to keep it brief. In English I could say "Dear Valued Customer: our apologies for the inconvenience, but due to unforeseen circumstances we afraid that we must temporarily leave the premises. Your patience and understanding are appreciated." Similar signs are common when a web page is down or a pool is closed for maintenance. But most shops have a small sign that just says "Back in 5 Minutes", maybe with a small clock. So I'm thinking something like that.

健太郎 菅 健太郎 菅 (0) on 15/10/13

Yes, yes, I know. But I wanted to say that in Japanese, we never use such a not-polite sentence to the customers. It should be necessarily polite one. In my opinion, probably almost all shops use this kind of polite expression. If there is an exception, that should be ; 外出中, which means "I'm out. "




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