Asking for someone on the phone.

francis  yong francis yong (0) on 11/10/13

When using phone, and we want to find somebody, we need to say.....can i speak to or can i speak with?



It's common to say "trying to get a hold of (name)" when you call.

  1. I'm trying to get a hold of Stephanie. Is she available?



francis  yong francis yong (0) on 14/10/13

thanks for your answer its a good sentence to be use for...

Daniel Banta Daniel Banta (0) on 21/10/13

I do not know where Amelia is from however I have never heard anyone call me personally or professionally and say, "I'm trying to get a hold of ..... Is she / he available?" Francis, if your question is meant to be more personal, then I would say, "Hello. This is Francis. May I speak with ....?" The reason I use and would use "May" over "Can" because you are asking politely. You are not in a position of authority. You are essentially asking that person permission to speak to someone else. I hope my point is not lost in translation.

There are several things you can say, but what you've written is correct and the same.

  1. May/Can I speak to/with Mr. Jones?



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